My Summer Vacation

So I am a horrible blogger.  Nearly a month later, and nothing.  In my defense, for ten of those days I was gone on vacation in Minnesota.  The other ones…I was probably sleeping in, reading, watching movies, and oh yeah, applying for jobs; because as a recent graduate I am unemployed and uninsured.  I did recently find some part-time work, so I can now say on my applications that I am currently employed, along with making some money to replace what I keep taking out of my bank account.

But hopefully I can update this more, and make it a bit more exciting.  I had originally started this whole thing as a wedding blog to apply as a blogger, but now I think I will appreciate more if I just make it a life blog (and maybe just apply to do a guest post on that wedding blogging website).

Now for proof of two things:
1) I finally went on the yearly family vacation after not going since 2006.
2) I had a friggin awesome time.

MN 184

MN 294

MN 435


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