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Surprise Funiture Shopping.

As the job search continues, future husband and I are slowly making progress towards moving in together.  On my own, I am progressively throwing or giving away things I know I won’t take with me.  Although I am not a hoarder, I am a sentimental saver, so it’s not the easiest thing for me.

For example, instead of throwing or giving away old shirts that I know I won’t wear again, I have decided that at some point I will make one of these.  When?  No idea.  How?  I’ll figure it out at some point–it’s on the list.

But for a more uplifting note, we were doing some furniture browsing today and happened to find a dinette set we love at a great price!

We had originally planned on finding something secondhand, but between the price and the idea of having something new (both our couch and bed are used and already in storage), we bought it.  We’ll pick it up tomorrow, and I can’t wait to eat my first meal on it.  In just a few months, we’ll be married and in our own place.  Now if I could just find a job…


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My Summer Vacation

So I am a horrible blogger.  Nearly a month later, and nothing.  In my defense, for ten of those days I was gone on vacation in Minnesota.  The other ones…I was probably sleeping in, reading, watching movies, and oh yeah, applying for jobs; because as a recent graduate I am unemployed and uninsured.  I did recently find some part-time work, so I can now say on my applications that I am currently employed, along with making some money to replace what I keep taking out of my bank account.

But hopefully I can update this more, and make it a bit more exciting.  I had originally started this whole thing as a wedding blog to apply as a blogger, but now I think I will appreciate more if I just make it a life blog (and maybe just apply to do a guest post on that wedding blogging website).

Now for proof of two things:
1) I finally went on the yearly family vacation after not going since 2006.
2) I had a friggin awesome time.

MN 184

MN 294

MN 435

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