Confessions of a (former) Teenage Drama Queen

(aka Random fact #3: I did drama in high school.)

I actually did it all throughout high school.  My freshman year I was in a production that performed at a few local elementary schools.  My sophomore year, I performed in two abridged Shakespeare productions.  My junior year, I was in a combination of fairy tales and fable stories, and I avoided the spring musical like a plague.  But my senior year, I loved our fall production of Harvey, and suffered the audience through my performance as Snoopy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (yes, there was singing AND dancing.)

While my time spent in drama awarded me a little recognition in school (I won “Most Likely to be a TV Star”), the greatest thing it ever did was introduce me to my future husband.

I actually first saw him when he won a our high school’s talent show.  He was in a band of nothing but freshmen, covering a Linkin’ Park song, and my older sister was hosting the show.  I would have seen him then for the first time, but it was another year before I saw him again and had a name to match a face; this time, he was a sophomore when I was a freshman, and he was dating a girl I knew.  I saw them walking around, holding hands, and I remember thinking, “That’s ____  ____, the sophomore–her boyfriend.”

But the first time we really spoke to each other, it was complete improv.  That’s right, our Drama Production instructor called out both our times to come to the stage for an improvisation.  From there, I gathered my guts than I think I had ever had in my life, came on to him in the skit (don’t worry, only actual touching was hug from behind), and he gave it right back.  Our friends were crying with laughter by the time our teacher yelled out, “Stop!” and we ended our few minutes of a couple fighting then making up.  As far non-improv conversation goes, after we walked back to our seats he called my name to get my attention.  Once I turned around he said, “Good job.”  I think I responded with a terrified, “Uh-huh.”

But once the communication boundary had been broken, we were friends.  Then flirty friends who became close friends, then close friends who became more than friends, and after he suggested we went on a date, we were an official couple.

After that, I suppose you could say we were, very, um…hands on.


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