Random fact #2: Sisters.

Growing up, I was very introverted, and at times I wished I was an only child.  It was just that there wasn’t always someone around, there were always FIVE someones around.  That’s right, MsSnowflake has five sisters.

(Note that this picture is very rare now that we are all growing up, getting jobs, married, etc.  I requested their presence and a picture of all of us when I came home for my birthday after being away at college).

When I mentioned this family fact to someone at my English major orientation at college, she responded with, “Oh, like Little Women?”

I shrugged and said, “No, more like Pride and Prejudice.”  From there, I started trying to think of each character that would be most appropriate for each sister (with myself as Elizabeth, of course), but only one or two really worked.

But life with my sisters has been exciting, to say the least.  In addition to sharing formal dresses, there have also been moments of crazy competition.

And we are forever in each other’s business.

But, despite all that, I love them, and now that they are rarely all around at the same time, I like ‘em much more than I did as a kid.


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  1. Christina Jones said

    i love the top pic of you and your sisters! it’s like posed but also candid at the same time.

    the last point you made is the way me and my sister are now–we get along SO much better now that we don’t live together. we’re like friends. it’s weird.

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