Do you believe in magic?

Every proposal story is different, or at least I would hope so.  For as much of a hopeless romantic as I am, I also despise the cookie cutter-ness that romance has become.  Come Valentine’s Day every year, I can’t help but roll my eyes at every girl who gets your standard roses and chocolate then acts like her significant other is the most thoughtful person in the world.  (For the record, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day in general and only request the little Necco hearts with sayings on them every year, pretty much because that’s when they are available.)


So when FH (future husband) started talking to me about marriage and proposals and rings, I had to give a punch of reality before he tried to copy anything from a movie.  As far as rings went, he found a company that allowed you to design your own, sent me the link, and I designed our ring myself.  Is that strange?  I imagine I would have been content with whatever he picked out, but for something so personal I was very happy that he let me choose.

As far as proposals, aaaaaaahhhhh.  I cringe a little at even the thought of them now.  Believe me, I am someone who doesn’t mind attention (actress in high school, myspace, facebook, this blog) but the idea of a public proposal still gives me hives.  So that was the first thing I said: no big public proposals.  Don’t write something in the sky, don’t do it in a restaurant, don’t do it in front of my family, and don’t do it on Christmas.  As uncomfortable as any of those situations would be, it is also the practical side of me that pushes for a private proposal because, well…there’s always a chance a girl could say no.  Think about that guys (and ladies–as shiny or big as it is, you don’t have to say yes).  And the only thing I can imagine that is more painful that a rejected marriage proposal?  Having an audience for that rejection.  Do try to avoid that.So after discussing it and showing him the ring I wanted, there was waiting.  There were months of waiting.  I knew that he knew what I wanted and what ring size I was.  Heck, I even knew at one point that he had already bought the setting to the ring (but not the center stone).  So I waited.  And waited.  And that little punk still managed to surprise me.


Early June 2006.  We were in Disneyland with his family.  It’s hot, it’s crowded, and he knows that heat absolutely kills me.  So we take breaks from walking around, and we are drinking water almost as much as we are taking breaths.  Then, for probably the first time in our (then two and a half year) relationship, he claims he’s tired and feels a little sick.  He wants to sit down–and the nearest sitting area?  Right in front of the castle.  And I still had no idea.So we sit down.  I offer him a Cliff Bar, he’s turns it down but chugs some water.  Then he mentions that he got something for me, and it’s in his backpack.  Honestly, at that moment I thought it might be the ring.  I unzipped the backpack, and looked around for a ring box–but there was no ring box. Boo.  There was, however, a small white cardboard box that was sized perfectly for something miniature.  Since he knew I was a huge fan of miniature things, I figured he just saw something that he knew I would love and bought it for me.  I take the box out of the bag, open up the top part and look inside.  It was a bit dark in the box, even though it was nearly noon on that day, so I took the item out to get a better look.

What was in the box was a little crystal Mickey on a little circular mirror.  Now, I try to be very gracious with gifts, thanking whoever a few times while not admitting whether or not I hate it,  because I see nearly all gifts as thoughtful.  But as far as this one went, I felt the urge to tell him to take it back.  It was cute, of course, but Mickey was never my things as far as a Disney character I was particularly fond of.  Then I noticed there was something going on with Mickey; he had something wrapped around him.  It took me a few seconds to realize what it was, and I believe my first words were, “OOoooohhhhhhh.”

Carmel09Janetc 057

From there he took the ring, put it on my finger, and started talking.  What he said, and what I can remember him saying, was personal and sweet and I said yes.  Now, over three years later, we will be getting married in October.  But that’s where the road to the wedding started, with his sweet proposal.
ringfinger(My favorite picture of the ring, edited and whatnot by my future husband himself.)


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