Cheeseboard Pizza

Oh, Cheeseboard Pizza. If you are ever in Berkeley, you have to try it.
Spring 030
Since I have always been a “Pepperoni and nothing else, please” girl as far as pizza is concerned,
I definitely hesitated with this all vegetarian pizza.
The place is always pretty busy, as you can see from the line.Spring 033Spring 035

They only serve one type of pizza a day, but it is almost always delicious. Here’s what they had the day I went.

Spring 039

Spring 041

Since the seats inside fill up pretty fast, and the live music is pretty loud, a lot of people choose to eat outside.

Spring 038

And many people actually sit out on the median and eat, right next to the sign that says not to be on the median.

Spring 036

I didn’t get any good close-ups of the pizza I ordered…because I ate it pretty quickly. Yeah, I was hungry, but here are some pictures I found on flickr to give you an idea of what to expect.

heaven isn't too far away

Cheeseboard Pizza!

Cheeseboard Pizza

Slice of Cheesy Goodness

Enjoy the food porn.


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