Random fact #1

I sometimes measure myself through films and television shows. Please not misunderstand and assume that I think, “I will never be as strong/cool/successful as Scarlett O’Hara/Buffy/Carrie.”  No, no, no.  I hope I am not that transparent.


As a child, waiting for something, my mother told me that the wait was as long as an episode of Rugrats. While her genius parenting skills allowed me to understand time, it also transformed how I viewed time–a half hour was now an episode of Rugrats or Doug, two hours was the entire Snick line-up, and anything under three and a half hours was less than Titanic. Even years later, I do find myself subconsciously relating time doing something less entertaining (driving, working) to an amount of time I could spend watching a television show. (Of course, it can also come back to haunt me as I try to convince myself I don’t have time to exercise, then later realize that if I set aside just a little of my TV time to go to the gym…)

As the years have gone by, I have also find other ways to think of time. For example, I am as old as Dirty Dancing, Spaceballs, Adventures in Babysitting, and The Princess Bride.

Other ways to think about it? Popular was on while I was in jr high, preparing me for life in high school. Smallville has been on the entire time that I have been in high school and college, and now it seems that it will last longer than my academic career.

I figured this post would serve as a warning/insight into my thought process, in cause this blog seems a bit overridden with film and television references, it’s just who I am.

The end.

Of this post…not the blog 😉


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  1. Christina Jones said

    good thing you have this explanation of all the movie/tv shows references. i read your blog backwards at first, so i didn’t get this introduction, and i’m like “wow, she’s obsessed with movie references.” it’s good that you acknowledge and embrace your slight obsession–now i’m like, “wow, she’s obsessed with movie references, but at least she is consciously aware of it.”

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