Not eloping.

Now that my fiancé and I have finally settled on our basic wedding plans, it’s amazing to look back at how far we have come.
At one point, I believe early in the game, I suggested just running off and eloping.

However, my fiancé vetoed this idea pretty quickly because he wanted his family at the ceremony. From there, I spent years (we got engaged on June 4th, 2006), jumping around ideas of what, when, how big, and how much. Luckily, we came to an agreement earlier this year of what we really wanted, and started making deposits.

Now come October, this crazy couple will have their personal, simple, intimate, almost destination style wedding.


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  1. Christina Jones said

    if you are now wondering why it took me so long to write this last comment after the previous one i left, it’s cause i got a phone call-

    i personally love the idea of eloping. and would totally do it myself if i didn’t have a family that would feel bad if i did so. but yeah, i definitely think smaller, more intimate weddings are better than big huge shenanigans (except for the wedding in Father of the Bride..that was amazing).

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